'Noel' Tamara's Parties Christmas Special #30

from All Tamara's Parties


It’s almost December which means we are warming up to our christmas party. We’ll have lots of musical treats, mince pies and as usual, the bountiful ATP Raffle. ‘Noel’ Tamara’s Parties will take place on:

Saturday 17th December
The Roastery on Magdalen Road
£6 entry

Featuring acoustic sets from:

Candy Says: candysays.it

Rainbow Reservoir: www.rainbowreservoir.com

Bethany Weimers: bethanyweimers.com

Tamara: tamaramusic.co.uk

And poet and compere: www.georgechopping.com

 £6 GBP or more


All Tamara's Parties Oxford, UK

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